How Time Management can help you live a better life?

Do you ever wish there were more hours in a day? Do you feel like I can’t get everything done I need to? Do you wish you had more time to spend doing the things that you really want to do? Studies have clearly revealed that 75 percent of our time is wasted in unwanted distractions, never ending phone calls as well as other disruptions. In order to be more productive we often waste our time in menial tasks. Effective time management entails for few small adjustments in the amount of time spent on all tasks so as to get things done in the most effective, productive as well as fruitful manner.

Hence, the best means further is to create chunks of time by simplifying the work, doing things faster and eliminating stress. The requirement is to focus on doing smart work so that there can be better productivity as well as increased success in job. Here are a few tips by which you can pay attention on the routines and tasks so as to make your everyday work easier.

Prefer Smart Work, not Hard Work – Good Time Management focuses doing something efficiently rather than being robotic which not only saves time but also change your life fundamentally.

Categorize or Prioritize the tasks: One can develop the habit of doing the most important work first followed by the less important ones. For this you need to identify and segregate the tasks based on their priority. This point can be applied in a proper manner if you begin to look at a planner every morning as soon as you get up. This will help in reminding you about priority tasks that are of non routine nature. The above routine is likely to help in your overall planning function. Things to be done must be jot down in a planner.

Weekly or monthly time management –The crux of all time management techniques is establish a daily, weekly and monthly routine schedule so as to create a balance and focus on important goals, tasks and activities of life. If a person tries to manage oneself on an hourly basis then a single interruption may put your hourly planner in a calamitous situation. Hence, scheduling work on an hourly basis is not possible when interruptions are many. Therefore, there is always a need to work on small work portions on a daily basis. The best tip which is missed by all is to concentrate first on what is in hand and not allowing oneself to lose focus. In short, a small portion of every task is better rather than carrying out huge and laborious tasks all together. This will help in carrying out a better time management followed by reducing stress as well as eliminating burnout.

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